Steel planter FAQ

We answer questions commonly asked about steel planters, including custom manufacture

Do you have steel planters in stock?

All steel planters of any type, whether our standard sizes or custom size, are made to order.  The delivery time varies, but allow around 8 weeks.

What type of steel planters can you supply?

We most commonly supply powder coated steel and corten steel planters, and have standard sizes in these materials as well as offering a bespoke service.  The steel we use to powder coat is Zintec, which is mild steel electroplated with zinc for extra strength and corrosion resistance. Other metals in which we offer custom manufacture - in ascending order of cost - include powder coated stainless steel, powder coated aluminium, brushed stainless steel and zinc-clad steel

Do they need to be lined?

No, you can just plant straight in – no need to line.

What is the largest size you can supply as a single planter?

The longest metal sheet size we use is 3000mm, so if supplying a rectangular planter it cannot be longer than 3m in a single piece.  For square planters, the maximum size is around L1800 W1800 H1000mm, or up to L/W2400mm if special handling equipment is available.

Planters can however be much larger than this, as we make them in several sections to be bolted together on site.  This is quite straightforward to do, and can be attempted by any fairly competent DIYer. So if for example you needed a 5m long rectangular planter for hedging plants, this would be supplied in two sections each 2.5m long.

Are steel planters suitable for coastal locations?

Corten and stainless steel (brushed finish or powder coated) are the only types of steel we would recommend for use if you live by or near the sea.

Can I order your standard size planters with castors?

We can add castors to any of our standard sizes in powder coated steel or corten, at a charge of between £100-£140.  Just drop us an email via the Contact page for a price.  Square planters and cubes larger than L/W800 are not suitable, as they would be too heavy when filled.

Can I order planters in a colour to match my door/windows/fascia?

If it is a RAL colour then yes.  If it is a specialist powder coat finish then also (probably) yes, but it will be much more expensive.  We cannot match to Farrow and Ball or other branded exterior paints, unfortunately.

Do you have a minimum quantity for custom manufacture?

No! We quite often have orders for just a single planter.  Custom sizes are however always more expensive than standard sizes (eg a custom size cube L/W/D495mm would be more expensive than a standard size L/W/D500mm), and very small custom sizes, like window boxes, are not very economic. To get a quote, just send us an enquiry via the Contact page

Can I order a bespoke planter without a base?

Yes, we can make steel planters which are open at the bottom, which can be useful if you want to plant something large and give root access to the soil below.  With no base, planters are less stable, so to avoid twisting or distortion they must be fixed down to a concrete footing laid around the perimeter.  Open base planters are made with an inward-facing footer of around 100-200mm width to sit on the concrete footing, complete with bolt holes ready to be fixed down.

How long do your steel planters last and is there a guarantee?

We offer a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing and material defects for all planters, but you will realistically get a much longer lifespan than that. Corten steel is VERY longlasting, so you can plan to hand planters down to your kids and grandkids! Powder coated steel should give you 12-15 years before the powder coat starts to degrade, provided that there are no deep scrapes or scratches to the surface.  If the powder coat is damaged such that the silvery Zintec steel is revealed it should be touched up asap in order to avoid corrosion. We can supply a touch up paint to match the colour and gloss level of the original for a small charge.

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