Boulevard Chromatic Planters

Boulevard Chromatic is not a bespoke manufacturing service per se. Instead it is a custom-colouring service, which may be applied to any of the products from the extensive range of Boulevard planters.

Boulevard is a uniquely versatile collection of large commercial planters, combining elegant sculptural design with high-performance, lightweight composite materials. Boulevard planters are manufactured in Switzerland from a proprietary, patent-protected form of Fibre Reinforced Cement [FRC]; and the planters possess an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for a wide range of environments – from weight-restricted roof terraces, to interiors, to public spaces.

The standard colour for Boulevard planters is Anthracite Grey [RAL 7016]. Planters can also be custom-coloured to any other RAL reference, with a 30% surcharge to the Anthracite price. Whatever the colour selected, industrial paints are used on Boulevard coloured planters, and the finish is both hardwearing and UV-colourfast. A touch-up paint kit is also supplied with all coloured planters free-of-charge, and any scratches or abrasions are easily rectified.

  • Material A proprietary form of Fibre Reinforced Cement [FRC]
  • Construction Hand moulded from sheets of consolidated FRC, and then painted
  • Colour Any RAL reference, or physical colour sample to match
  • Surface Mid-sheen finish, or as specified
  • Suitability All environments, including public realm
  • Guarantee 5 years against manufacturing defect
  • Boulevard Chromatic is a custom-colouring service applied to the Boulevard range of stock planter designs.
  • Any custom colour may be specified, but the design of the planters themselves cannot be customised.

IOTA’s standard terms for bespoke manufacture in this material are:

  • Quotation Basis Product supply only
  • Delivery Basis Palletised or containerised delivery to-site
  • Delivery Area UK
  • Country of Manufacture Switzerland
  • Production Leadtime 6-8 weeks
  • Payment Pro Forma

Alternative terms subject to negotiation and agreement

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