Granite Street & Park Planters

Granite street planters for Derry City Council
IOTA's Granite planters at The Outlet designer shopping mall
Bespoke planter at Connect House, Wimbledon: L 2500 x W 1700 x H 700mm
Bespoke granite planters for Westfield Stratford City, London E20
500mm granite cube planters
2160mm long granite troughs
1000mm tall bespoke granite column planters for Soul Bar, Aberdeen
1000mm tall bespoke granite column planters in Stratos design
Bespoke granite planters at Rhyl Railway Station
Bespoke IOTA granite planters at Grosvenor House Apartments
Bespoke IOTA granite planters in honed finish
Close-up of granite stone in honed finish
Collection of trough planters and low taper planters on private apartment balcony
Four Seasons Resort, Mauritius at Anahita
High Trough planters L1000 x W300 x H600mm in mirror-polished, jet black granite stone
Bespoke granite planters for Manchester City Football Club
1500mm tall column planters at The City of Manchester Stadium
1300mm trough planters create a strong visual line leading to the entrance doors of The City of Manchester Stadium
Custom granite planters for private client minimalist water garden
A special colour granite was specified
Bespoke granite planters for Plantation Wharf, Battersea
Plantation Wharf, Battersea
Granite Street & Park Planters
Close-up of Granite Street Planter
Close-up of Granite Street Planter
Close-up of Granite Street Planter

IOTA’s granite street and park planters are ideal for urban streetscapes and communal spaces – being stylish, robust, heavy, and often cheaper than more utilitarian alternatives in concrete or metal.

The manufacture of these large granite planters is to-order and to your specification, and we do not hold in stock a standard range of shapes and sizes. 

These planters also have a myriad of uses in less challenging, residential and light commercial applications.

IOTA’s granite street and park planters are manufactured with the same materials, and to the same standard, as the larger, granite tree planters; and the two types of planter are often combined within the same scheme.

The granite stone used by IOTA is selected specifically for use in public realm schemes. The stone is highly resistant to physical attack, graffiti is easily removed, and its close granular structure means that minor damage is not readily apparent.

The planters are made from 25mm thick cut sections of quarried granite, with a finely speckled charcoal grey colour and a polished mid-sheen surface as standard (other surface finishes, such as honed, picked or flamed, are also available). The granite sections are bonded with specialist stone resins, and all joints are internally reinforced; and the planters are coated internally with a polyurethane resin sealer to prevent water ingress. The final standard of finish is exceptionally high, with near-invisible mitred corners, and smoothed and chamfered edges.

  • Material 25mm thick cut sections of quarried granite
  • Construction Bonded with specialist stone resin, corners mitred
  • Colour Finely speckled charcoal grey (other colours available)
  • Surface Polished as standard (other surface finishes, such as honed or picked, also available)
  • Suitability All environments, including public realm
  • Guarantee 5 years against manufacturing defect
  • Lifting eyebolts in base to assist installation (a certified lifting rig can also be supplied)
  • Raised base or runners for movement by forklift or pallet truck
  • Pre-drilled holes for internal reservoirs and/or watering systems

IOTA’s standard terms for bespoke manufacture in this material are:

  • Quotation Basis Product supply only
  • Delivery Basis Palletised or containerised delivery to-site
  • Delivery Area UK, Worldwide
  • Country of Manufacture China
  • Production Leadtime 8-14 weeks
  • Payment Pro Forma

Alternative terms subject to negotiation and agreement

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