Café Rouge

Posted 21.05.2013

IOTA’s Boulevard planters have been selected for a major refurbishment programme being rolled-out across the nationwide network of Cafe Rouge French brasserie restaurants. 

The new-look, bistro style format was piloted in London’s Hampstead High street, with Hitchin being the second Café Rouge restaurant to be refurbished. The new format is also being implemented in new additions to the chain, and IOTA has also supplied the newly-opened Café Rouge restaurants in Norwich and Coventry.

Boulevard planters are a range of high-performance composite planters made from a proprietary form of Fibre Reinforced Cement [FRC]. All Boulevard planters possess an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for a wide range of environments – from weight-restricted areas, to interiors, to public spaces and streetscapes.

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