Castle Quay Waterfront, Banbury OX16

Posted 13.07.2022

IOTA’s Boulevard planters were selected for the extensive leisure and retail redevelopment of the canal-side waterfront, at Castle Quay in Banbury.

A total of 38 large planters were used in this scheme, specifically the three largest sizes of the KYOTO design:

KYOTO 70        Dia.   700 x H 540mm, Vol. 160L
KYOTO 90        Dia.   900 x H 700mm, Vol. 400L
KYOTO 120      Dia. 1200 x H 900mm, Vol. 950L

The standard colour was chosen – RAL 7016 [Anthracite grey] – which acts as a perfect neutral foil for the lush and architectural planting scheme.  

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