City of London Corporation, Bartholomew Close, London EC1

Posted 31.12.2020

IOTA was commissioned by The City of London Corporation to supply bespoke Bronze planters for Bartholomew Close, as part of public realm improvements linked to the wider Barts Square redevelopment masterplan.

A total of 11nr. conical planters were supplied, each Dia. 1190 x H 1200mm, with a counter-relief moulding line 250mm down from the top rim. Adjustable feet were included in the design, and these feet are disguised by a floating / self-levelling ‘doughnut’ ring inset into the base.

The planters were fabricated from 1.2mm Brass clad onto a 2.0mm Stainless Steel planter core, with the Brass then pre-patinated by IOTA to a ‘Bronze’ finish. The resulting double-skin planters deliver the unique ‘Bronze’ aesthetic sought, whilst relying on the superior strength and stiffness of Steel for the planters’ technical performance. The same technique is used by IOTA to create large planters from other softer and expensive metals, such as Lead, Copper and Zinc.

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