City University and King’s College London

Posted 07.11.2011

IOTA’s Boulevard planters are available in a wide selection of sculptural stock designs, and planters can also be custom-coloured at no additional cost.

This design potential was used to great effect to enliven communal spaces at both City University and King’s College London.

At Moonraker Point in Southwark, a total of 46 Boulevard planters were used to enliven the courtyard spaces, including large circular planters boldly coloured in RAL 1003 [Signal Yellow], RAL 6019 [Pastel Green], RAL 6021 [Pale Green] and RAL 1007 [Daffodil Yellow].
At City University’s Northampton Square campus, a gated ‘dead’ space existed between two buildings, which the University wished to bring into constructive communal use. Designed and installed by Hedgehoggs, the space was transformed into a tranquil garden oasis, using sculptural Boulevard planters colourfully planted.  The centrepiece to the garden is a 690-litre ALADIN 138cm tree planter, and other designs featured are OSAKA, KYOTO and LAUSANNE.

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