Corten Square planter

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Corten steel planters have many benefits, both aesthetic and practical. They have an industrial feel but are not harsh or cold, and their beautiful coppery tones add depth and contrast to a scheme. They are increasingly popular in garden design, and being extremely durable and maintenance-free means they are  much in demand for commercial use as well. This low square shaped planter is ideal for large shrub and tree planting, and the 120cm square pot is the largest in our range.  Note that the proportions of the three sizes differ slightly.

Corten is a steel alloy designed to form a dense outer layer of rust which then seals the surface and prevents further corrosion. Any damage to the surface (scrapes and scratches) simply rusts over and self-heals. The pots start out steel silver in colour, and we speed up the weathering process by applying an aging treatment, so they are delivered with a protective layer of rust already formed.  This will continue to develop naturally over several months.

    • Details
    • Square 600/1000
      H60 W/D100cm
      Weight: 60kg Vol: 530L

    • £795.00

      Square 800/1000
      H80 W/D100cm
      Weight: 75kg Vol: 730L

    • £970.00

      Square 800/1200
      H80 W/D120cm
      Weight: 92kg Vol: 1050L

    • £1,195.00
Manufactured in the UK
  • Material: 2mm Corten
  • No visible welding externally, corners faired and rounded.
  • Suitability: All environments, including public realm
  • Comes with drainage holes and small feet  
  • Larger planters are internally stiffened and braced
  • 5 year guarantee against material defect

While the rust layer forms, paving or other flooring should be protected from rust-coloured run-off which may stain. The planters have small feet to make this more practical.  Corten planters do not require any ongoing maintenance, and are best left alone to develop their wonderful patina

We can make to your requirements, whether that is a tweak to our standard sizes or a more complex design.  For more information and an enquiry form see here

For further FAQ on steel planters see our advice section

Corten planters are made to order with a delivery time of about 6 weeks. If you select pre-weathering this will add a few extra days. Due to their size and weight they are dispatched on a pallet by our dedicated delivery service, together with any other items ordered.  Our pallet delivery charge is a flat rate of £40 for all orders to UK mainland destinations. For other destinations, please contact us for further information.

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