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Tall square tapered planters in slate

Slate Tall Taper Planter Medium

Was: £69.99 Now: £49.99
35cm 45cm Tall square granite planters

Granite Tall Square Planter

Was: £59.99 Now: £39.99
Small and Large trough slate plant pots

Slate Trough Planter

Was: £59.99 Now: £49.99

Granite Low Taper Planter small

Was: £39.99 Now: £29.99
Small stone planter box

Granite Small Taper Planter

Was: £39.99 Now: £24.99

Stone has been used for many centuries outdoors due to its supreme versatility, as well as its attractive appearance. The perfect all-year round material that is frost proof and can withstand extreme weather conditions, choosing a stone plant pot is an assured and confident style choice that will ensure that your outdoor area is always looking its very best.

Slate and granite are known for their classic and classy good looks and are instantly recognisable as being a quality item. Perfect for all year round use inclusive of a harsh frost environment, stone planters will suit any style or size of garden and are ideal for both a modern as well as a traditional outdoor living look. Their straight lines make them ideal for entrances, placing against walls as well as creating your own unique display of sizes, making them an investment in a great looking garden for years to come.

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