Tall Planters

Complement your garden or outside space with our tall garden planters.  Tall slim planters are often used as ‘statement’ pots at an entrance, or as a contemporary design feature on a patio - perhaps spaced at intervals against a wall.  Planting with a neat evergreen such as Buxus lends a formal air.

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Tall square tapered planters in slate

Slate Tall Taper Planter Medium

Was: £69.99 Now: £49.99
Tall rectangular steel planters

Steel High Rectangle

From: £295.00
35cm 45cm Tall square granite planters

Granite Tall Square Planter

Was: £59.99 Now: £39.99

Fresco small taper planter

Was: £27.99 Now: £19.99
Small stone planter box

Granite Small Taper Planter

Was: £39.99 Now: £24.99

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