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Our range of tall planters and plant pots are the perfect statement piece for both the modern or the traditional outdoor living space. Sure to be noticed and positively admired, our range of tall garden planters stand as high as 1 metre tall and above, ensuring they stand proud wherever they are placed.

Available in a range of designs and shapes such as conical, tapered and square, you are sure to find the perfect pot for your needs. Whether it is for a smaller space such as a balcony, doorway or paved garden, or a larger space such as an entrance driveway, garden centrepiece or barbecue area, our specially selected tall planters and pots will frame the area perfectly. Ideal for all year use and designed to withstand extremes of weather such as frost and intense heat, they are perfect for both those who like ease of maintenance as well as the more enthusiastic and skilled gardener. Whether they are used for flowers, shrubs, plants or trees, the tall planters and plant pots range of heights will ensure they stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Use on an individual basis or feel free to place in a cascading cluster of sizes from our tall plant pots for a true style statement.

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