Aberdeen City Council


IOTA’s Radial planters were chosen for Aberdeen City Council’s new corporate headquarters in Marischal College.

IOTA supplied a total of 150 planters for this project in a selection of three designs and five sizes. All planters were sealed watertight for interior use, and IOTA also supplied a self-watering reservoir system for each planter.

Launched in 2012, IOTA’s Radial planters are a range of lightweight, granite-effect planters made from glass fibre, polyester resin and stone powder. Light in weight but very robust, Radial planters are contemporary and elegant, and the surface design is distinguished by a fine, vertical ridging. Radial’s dark grey colour is similar in tone to IOTA’s natural Granite planters, and the two ranges can be combined within a scheme.

Aberdeen City Council’s new corporate headquarters is located in Marischal College, a building of national significance and the world’s second largest granite building. With a budget of £80 million, the 105-year-old granite façade has been restored to its original glory, and the interior has been rebuilt to create 174,000sq ft of modern, open-plan and environmentally-sustainable office space. In addition to providing workspace for more than 1,300 council staff, the wood-panelled former Senate Room has been converted into a wedding venue, and the Quadrangle will be used to host events for up to 2,000 people.

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