Drayton Garden Village


Extra large bespoke granite tree planters were selected for Drayton Garden Village, an entirely new 31 acre neighbourhood in West London.

IOTA’s granite tree planters are fabricated from cut sections of quarried granite, and their weight, strength and durability make them ideal for specimen tree planting in communal public spaces. At Drayton Garden Village, a total of 14 tree planters were supplied in 30mm thick granite: 10 nr. L 1400 x W 1400 x H 1000mm, and 4 nr. L 1800 x W 1800 x H 1000mm. The specification also included steel eye bolts in the base of each planter – to assist installation, and to serve as attachment points for a tree anchoring system.

IOTA’s planters were commissioned and installed by landscape contractors Greenmantle, having been selected by the village’s principal developers Inland Homes plc.

Drayton Garden Village is an entirely new 31 acre neighbourhood in West London, on land that was previously the site of RAF West Drayton. The development adopts traditional garden village concepts of the 1930s, providing eco-friendly family homes and apartments in a sustainable, green environment of gardens, greens and tree-lined avenues. When completed, the village will comprise 773 new homes, a primary healthcare facility, nursing home and a variety of commercial premises, all set within a landscaped environment. 

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