Dudley Town Centre, DY1


Bespoke granite tree planters were commissioned for the town centre of Dudley, as part of the £7m redevelopment of the town’s historic Market Place. The initiative included a newly designed market featuring 74 stalls, new paving, feature lighting and street furniture.

The 8nr. large tree planters were fabricated from cut sections of 25mm thick quarried granite, each planter of dims. L 1600 x W 1600 x H 900mm. The specification included stainless steel eye bolts in the base of each planter (to assist installation, and which also served as attachment points for a tree anchoring system); plus granite runner feet to enable movement by forklift. IOTA also supplied a certified lifting rig for the installation.

IOTA’s granite tree planters are fabricated from cut sections of quarried granite, and their weight, strength and durability make them ideal for specimen tree planting in communal public spaces. The granite stone used is highly resistant to physical attack, graffiti is easily removed, and its close granular structure means that minor damage is not readily apparent.

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