Fifty Paddington, Eastbourne Terrace, London W2


IOTA was commissioned to design and build an edge protection solution at elevation, for multiple terraces on the new Fifty Paddington mixed-use building at 50 Eastbourne Terrace, London W2.

The total perimeter length to be protected was 154 Lm, on terraces at the 3rd and 6th floors.

The final solution was based on continuous runs of planters, with integrated balustrades, based on IOTA’s essential multi-sectional design concepts – as described here: DESIGNING LARGE SCALE PLANTERS IN MULTIPLE SECTIONS. The planters / balustrades were fastened @ 1000mm centres to a concrete plinth forming the upstand to the terrace perimeters, with the fixings then hidden behind the external envelope cladding and finishes.

To ensure extreme longevity, the planters were manufactured from 1.4003 Stainless Steel, the merits of which material are described here: 1.4003-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL - THE UNIQUE ADVANTAGES. The Polyester Powder Coat [PPC] finish to the planters was a three-coat system, suitable for C3/C4 environments – as described here: THE BENEFITS OF POLYESTER POWDER COATING [PPC].

IOTA was contracted on the basis of full Design and Build responsibility, and the contracted Scope of Works included:

Design and Manufacturing

  • Design and manufacture 154 Lm of planters with integrated balustrades.  
  • Integrate design, and coordinate site works, with all interfacing contractors, such as the external envelope cladding and finishes.
  • Validate final designs with Structural Engineer review and approval.

Supply and Installation

  • Remove existing handrails, and install temporary edge protection, to clear site for installation of new planters and balustrades.
  • Deliver new planters and balustrades, from IOTA factory to-site, on open-back flatbed trucks with edge protection.  
  • Hire and oversee specialist lifting contractor to carry out contract lift of new planters and balustrades, and attend to all statutory and site requirements [e.g. Westminster City Council approvals and licenses].
  • Install new planters and balustrades on Levels 3, 5 and 6 terraces, including fixing down to steel support structures.

Fifty Paddington at 50 Eastbourne Terrace is a best-in-class mixed-use building, which stands out in it’s prominent corner location, directly opposite the Paddington Crossrail station entrance. Bringing 75,000 sq ft of high-quality offices and 10,000 sq ft of restaurant and leisure space, tenants benefit from the multiple terraces and ease of accessibility to both the West End and Hyde Park.

Sector Commercial
Sub-sector Offices & mixed-use developments
Services provided Design Manufacture Supply Installation
Year completed 2022
Contractor / Client McLaren Construction [London] Ltd / Yard Nine
Consultant Sheppard Robson

Contact IOTA T. 01934 522617