Marco Polo On The River Restaurant, London


A defined outdoor dining area was needed by Marco Polo on the River, a restaurant situated in a mixed development on the bank of the Thames. Outside the restaurant was a large expanse of paving, offering little distinction between the dining area and the public open space.

IOTA’s Stratos granite planters were selected to create a physical boundary between the private and public space. Large straight-sided planters and trough planters were used, butted together, to create a wall which fully enclosed the space. Planted with buxus topiary, the result was an impressive and welcoming dining terrace, offering a much improved experience for customers seated outdoors.

Granite pots are a cost-effective investment for busy high traffic areas such as this, being extremely resistant to wear and tear, and keeping their original appearance for many years.

Planters used in this scheme include the Stratos Trough Planter, Stratos Column Planter, Stratos Cube Planter and Stratos Tall Square Planter large.

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