Söderberg Pizza at the Bakery, Edinburgh EH3


A newly opened restaurant, Söderberg Pizza at the Bakery, selected planters from the Fresco range to act as a boundary for their outdoor seating area. Fresco planters were a cost-effective option; and their slightly mottled, hand-finished appearance sat well with the weathered terracotta pots already in-situ.

The pots and planters were spaced fairly widely to indicate the extent of the seating area, but without forming a wall that might impede access. The planters selected were the largest from the Fresco range:

  • Fresco Rectangle 800      L 800 x W 300 x H 400mm, vol. 79L
  • Fresco Rectangle 1000    L 1000 x W 400 x H 500mm, vol. 172L

Söderberg is an artisan Swedish bakery located in Lister Square, within the Quartermile development, Edinburgh EH3. Masterplanned by architects Foster + Partners, Quartermile is a mixed-use redevelopment of the city’s former Royal Infirmary; and, once complete, Quartermile will contain more than 900 apartments, 320,000 sq ft of Grade A office accommodation, 110,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space, and 7 acres of open landscaping. 

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