Large Planters 50-80cm

We have a great selection of large planters suitable for mature shrubs or plants that will need plenty of root room as they grow.  In a small town garden, the clever use of a few large pots and planters can really aid the design and can act as a focal point in their own right. Our contemporary-style planters are available in metal and a range of lightweight materials and we also offer made-to-order large planters in powder coated and corten finishes, where size is no restriction. Allow around a week for UK delivery on our largest planters (custom sizes take longer).

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Plant pots come in a range of different shapes and sizes - our large garden planters are ideal for use as statement pieces adorning an entranceway or to provide a contemporary setting for specimen trees and shrubs. Our large garden planters come in a range of shapes, including square, round, tapered and conical, allowing you to pick the pot that suits your garden, your tree and your budget.

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