Bespoke Manufacture

While many of IOTA's planters are available from stock, the majority of products supplied to larger projects are bespoke. 

Bespoke manufacture may be as simple as tailoring an existing IOTA design, or as complex as designing a product from scratch to realise the client’s vision. Most commonly IOTA is commissioned to manufacture bespoke products against a detailed specification and brief; but we are also often asked to work with the designer/architect to refine, develop, or value-engineer general design concepts into practical, cost-effective solutions.

IOTA’s bespoke manufacture service is not limited to garden planters, and extends to other items of street furniture (such as custom made chairs, benches etc.), in addition to sculpture. Bespoke products can be custom made to whatever specification level the brief requires – whether for protected interiors, or for the most challenging of exterior spaces.

Our Bespoke Ranges

Contact IOTA T. 01934 522617