Pre-Galvanised Steel Planters

Pre-galvanised steel planters are versatile, neutral grey planters, with a distinctive urban look.

All our steel manufacture is to-order and to your specification, and we do not hold in stock a standard range of shapes and sizes. 

Pre-galvanised steel planters are commonly specified where budgets are constrained, as it is a lower cost option than stainless steel or powder coated steel.

The planters are assembled from pre-galvanised, or ‘mill galvanised’, sheet steel, and they are of ‘seamed’ construction (i.e. the corners and rim edges are sealed watertight internally, but are not faired externally, so the seams are visible). For interior use, no further finishing is necessary; but for external use, we would recommend the planters be finished with a protective clear lacquer powder coating. With or without the lacquer coat, the surface look is a uniform matte grey.

IOTA custom-manufactures pre-galvanised steel planters in any shape or size, from simple geometric shapes to complex architectural designs. CAD models can also be generated for approval against a design brief. We also offer a bespoke hot dipped galvanised steel planters which are our toughest and most resilient of all mild steel planters. 

Manufactured in the UK
  • Material 1.5mm thick pre-galvanised steel
  • Coating Optionally with clear lacquer powder coat
  • Construction Seamed construction (watertight, but seams visible)
  • Colour Neutral grey
  • Surface Uniform, matte
  • Suitability All environments, including public realm
  • Guarantee 5 years against manufacturing defect
  • Height-adjustable feet, or recessed wheels
  • Lifting brackets or raised base for movement by forklift
  • Internal water reservoir
  • Thermal insulation
  • Attachment points for root ball anchoring systems
  • Galvanised liner with lift-out handles for rapid plant changeover
  • Sacrificial liner for large-scale, specimen tree planting

IOTA’s standard terms for bespoke manufacture metal planters in this material are:

  • Quotation Basis Product supply only
  • Delivery Basis Palletised delivery to-site
  • Delivery Area UK
  • Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
  • Production Leadtime 4-6 weeks
  • Payment Pro Forma

Alternative terms subject to negotiation and agreement

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