Hot Dip Galvanised Planters

Hot dipped galvanised steel planters and plant pots are the toughest and most resilient of all mild steel planters, with a serviceable lifespan typically of 20-30 years.

All our galvanised steel manufacture is to-order and to your specification, and we do not hold in stock a standard range of shapes and sizes. 

Planters in this material have a distictive industrial aesthetic.  Significant variability is to be expected in the final look which results from the galvanisation process.

Our  galvanised planters are fabricated from high-grade 1.5mm-thick mild sheet steel, and then faired externally to produce smooth corners and edges. The completed planters are immersed in a molten zinc bath, giving significantly enhanced corrosion protection. The final look is bright and metallic silver-grey, with a slight shimmer from variations in the surface shading.

IOTA custom-manufactures hot dipped galvanised steel planters in any shape or size, from simple geometric shapes to complex architectural designs. CAD models can also be generated for approval against a design brief.

Manufactured in the UK
  • Material 1.5mm mild steel (or thicker, as required, up to 6mm)
  • Coating Hot dipped galvanisation
  • Construction Faired externally with smooth corners and edges
  • Colour Bright and metallic silver-grey
  • Surface Significant variability in the surface shading
  • Suitability All environments, including public realm
  • Guarantee 5 years against manufacturing defect
  • Height-adjustable feet, or recessed wheels
  • Lifting brackets or raised base for movement by forklift
  • Internal water reservoir
  • Thermal insulation
  • Attachment points for root ball anchoring systems
  • Galvanised liner with lift-out handles for rapid plant changeover
  • Sacrificial liner for large-scale, specimen tree planting

IOTA’s standard terms for bespoke manufacture metal planters in this material are:

  • Quotation Basis Design, manufacture and supply
  • Delivery Basis Palletised delivery to-site
  • Delivery Area UK
  • Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
  • Production Leadtime 4-6 weeks
  • Payment Pro Forma

Alternative terms subject to negotiation and agreement

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