Lightweight Planters

If you are looking for pots for a weight-restricted roof garden or balcony, or just want to be able to move planters around the garden with ease, you are sure to find something the right size and shape in our selection of lightweight planters.  All ‘Boulevard’ planters shown below are pictured in standard Anthracite grey, but can be custom coloured.

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Forum 175 litre Rectangular Planter

Forum Trough 900 and 1000

Was: £159.99 Now: £119.99
Stone effect low round-bottom planter

Luna 'U' planters 450 and 350 low

Was: £34.99 Now: £24.99
Small & Medium Trough Planters in Fibreglass

Forum Trough 600 and 800

Was: £49.99 Now: £37.99
Grey Window Box Planter 80cm

Enclave Window Boxes 600 and 800

Was: £49.99 Now: £29.99
90cm Tall Tapered GRP Planters

Out of stock

Forum Tall Taper 900

Was: £159.99 Now: £129.99

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