Cad Design

Within its specialist product niche, IOTA has an unmatched breadth and depth of experience across different materials, applications and environments. This knowledge is available to design professionals, companies and public authorities via a range of advisory services, including CAD design. 

IOTA does not engage in landscape design; but is often asked to help make design proposals easier to communicate to clients; more robustly and fully conceived; more practical and functional; better and/or cheaper. IOTA can assist in design, specification and tendering processes in areas such as:

  • Communicating a design vision through CAD visualisation, or physically via 3D printing techniques.
  • Converting a general design concept into practical solutions for planters, planting and plant maintenance.
  • Validating designs against client expectations for functional performance and whole life value, in the given environment.
  • Proposing design, construction and material alternatives as part of a value-engineering process.
  • Refining and expanding conceptual designs into detailed CAD drawings ready for final costing and/or production.

CAD design work is generally chargeable, but this charge can often be rebated against the value of goods subsequently commissioned from IOTA.


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