Montpellier Chapter, Cheltenham

Posted 03.06.2011

Custom-coloured Boulevard planters were used to green the internal courtyard which lies at the heart of the hotel.

The planters’ sculptural forms, combined with a planting scheme of lush foliage, provide a softening and contrasting element juxtaposed with the strikingly modern courtyard walls of claret and clear glass panels. The resulting space is calm and inviting, perfect for outdoor dining and as a general relaxation area.

A total of 46 planters were used, from the designs ALTO, KYOTO, LAUSANNE, and GEISHA. The pots are informally grouped, breaking up the courtyard space and creating a degree of privacy for diners. They are planted with a wide variety of grasses, ferns, acers and shrubs, creating a lush layering of textures and shades of green. Many of the hotel's rooms overlook the courtyard, and thus also benefit from the general ambiance created; and a further set of Boulevard planters were also used in the private patio of The Penthouse Suite.

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