City University And King’s College London


IOTA’s Boulevard planters are available in a wide selection of sculptural stock designs, and planters can also be custom-coloured at no additional cost. This design potential was used to great effect to enliven communal spaces at both City University and King’s College London.

Moonraker Point in Southwark was opened in September 2012, providing accommodation for 671 students within easy travel distance of King’s College's main teaching campuses. The 147 single studios and 527 single en-suite rooms are arranged in four blocks, and each room overlooks a communal courtyard laid in grey concrete paving. A total of 46 Boulevard planters were used to enliven the courtyard spaces, including large circular planters boldly coloured in RAL 1003 [Signal Yellow], RAL 6019 [Pastel Green], RAL 6021 [Pale Green] and RAL 1007 [Daffodil Yellow].

The planter designs featured at Moonraker Point are from the Boulevard DELTA 45 Round series. The planters were proposed for the scheme by Bell Fischer Landscape Architects, and the planters were commissioned and installed by landscape contractors Dolwin and Gray.

At City University’s Northampton Square campus, a gated ‘dead’ space existed between two buildings, which the University wished to bring into constructive communal use. Designed and installed by Hedgehoggs, the space was transformed into a tranquil garden oasis, using sculptural Boulevard planters colourfully planted. The centrepiece to the garden is a 690-litre ALADIN 138cm tree planter, and other designs featured are OSAKA, KYOTO and LAUSANNE.

Boulevard planters are a range of high-performance composite planters made from a proprietary form of Fibre Reinforced Cement [FRC]. All Boulevard planters possess an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for a wide range of environments – from weight-restricted roof terraces, to interiors, to public spaces.

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