London Borough of Ealing – Southall


Bespoke stainless steel planters were specified by Ealing Council, as part of streetscape improvements to Southall Broadway – a section of the Uxbridge Road in the town centre of Southall, West London.

A total of 9nr. planters were supplied, dims. L 2000 x W 1000 x H 800mm, manufactured from 3mm thick 304-grade Stainless Steel with a brushed finish. The planters also included the following bespoke design elements:

  • H 100mm plinth, polyester powder coated to RAL 9017 [Traffic black]
  • 4nr. 100 x 100 mm pockets in the base, down to ground level, to enable the planters to be fastened to the pavement surface via concrete sleeve anchors
  • 4nr. steel eye bolts in the base, to serve as tree anchor points

IOTA also supplied an internal water reservoir system for each planter.

The planters were designed and specified by the Major Projects & Development Team of Ealing Council, and formed part of improvements to Southall Broadway aimed to result in a more attractive and safer street, more space for pedestrians and cyclists, and better traffic flow. These works themselves form one part of a larger, 5-year plan of major improvements led by Ealing Council, called the Southall Big Plan.

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