PAS 68 Bollard Planters for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Posted 18.11.2021

IOTA has developed a range of PAS 68 Bollard Planters, in association with Frontier Pitts – the leading British manufacturer of perimeter security equipment.

PAS 68 Bollard Planters are available in stainless steel, Corten steel, or powder coated steel, and are designed to be used in conjunction with Frontier Pitts’ Planet range of PAS 68 static bollards. The planters are H 1100 x W/D 500mm, with an elegant, tapered profile which enhances the streetscape; and they are thus ideal for sites which require a solution to hostile vehicle mitigation which is aesthetically pleasing, and which also allows free pedestrian access. The planters can also be used as a decorative infill within a line of HVM static bollards, or as single units on the corners of buildings.  

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