One Victoria Street, Windsor, SL4 1YA

Posted 29.11.2021

IOTA was contracted to design, manufacture and supply large steel planters, clad in granite, as part of streetscape landscaping for One Victoria Street in Windsor.

The planter design, as conceptualised by architects Rolfe Judd, required bespoke 50mm thick granite slabs to be hewn to a complex pattern; and there was a further functional design requirement that the planters be movable via fork lift. To withstand these loadings and stresses, the planters were massively constructed from 3mm 1.4003-grade Stainless Steel, with a fully welded subframe of 50x50x3mm stainless steel SHS. The largest planter, of dims. L 1920 x W 1810 x H 1123mm, weighed 1,521kg once completed.  

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