Royal Bank of Canada, Jersey, Channel Islands


Bespoke stainless steel planter-benches were commissioned for the new offices of Royal Bank of Canada in Jersey.

The planter-benches are highly sculptural; and of complex, multifaceted form, in 2nr. mirror-image designs. The planter-benches included the following bespoke features:

  • Bench seating and back rests made from 50mm thick Accoya timber, treated with a specified stain, and inlaid with stainless steel detailing.
  • Bench seating backed onto 3.0mm stainless steel, and lifting via gas strut hinges to allow access to power supply and driver units for LED lighting.
  • 3nr. removable planter liners; with handles above, and drainage hose attachments underneath.
  • Provision for LED lighting around planted area.
  • Provision for exterior lighting sockets.  

The planter-benches were manufactured from 3.0mm thick 316-grade Stainless Steel, with a brushed finish; around a substantial subframe of Mild Steel SHS, blasted to clean metal and lacquer-protected. The removable planter liners were made from 2.0mm Zintec Steel, with a Polyester Powder Coated finish.

The essential planter-bench concept and design was by Waddington Landscape, with design development and detailing by IOTA. IOTA’s delivery was on the basis of design, manufacture, supply and installation.

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