City Of Westminster College


Bespoke galvanised steel planters were commissioned for the Paddington Green Campus of the City of Westminster College. The planters coordinate with colourful, modern patio furniture on an outdoor terrace seating area.

Galvanised steel planters are tough and resilient, with a distinctive urban look. Galvanised steel is also commonly specified where budgets are constrained, as it is a lower cost option than stainless steel or powder coated steel.

For the City of Westminster project, the planters are assembled from pre-galvanised, or ‘mill galvanised’ sheet steel, and finished with a protective lacquer coating. The corners and seams are sealed watertight internally, but are not faired externally. The scheme comprises 26 trough planters of measurements L800 x W/H300mm, L1000 x W/H450mm and L1400 x W/H550mm. The planters are clustered into groupings, breaking up the long open terrace into separate areas.

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